Who is Le Hong An? Young entrepreneurs and admirable successes

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Being an extremely successful startup with a series of cooperation projects with large domestic and foreign enterprises.


Asia Business Insider team member

Many people when they met were impressed by this guy's calmness and shiny appearance. It can be seen very clearly that this "young entrepreneur" has a very high and wide forehead. High, wide and full forehead is a sign of deep wisdom, wide knowledge, easy to achieve in youth.


Most of the men with high and wide forehead are usually people with high foreheads. genius, outstanding intelligence. They have the ability to observe, the ability to comprehend and have a steadfast will, strive tirelessly, so they often achieve much success. Most of these people tend to be traders.

Who is Master Le Hong An?

Le Hong An was born in 1989 in An Giang. He currently holds the role of General Director of Asia Business Insider, which specializes in providing communication, advertising, training and digital transformation services for businesses. With the purpose of providing customers, individuals and businesses with the most effective business solutions, based on advertising communication from branding, website design and development to advertising media planning. Reporting, training and human resource development.

 He is also one of 30 young entrepreneurs to receive the Asia Talent Young Entrepreneur Award at Bangkok Thailand 2018.

He is also currently a One of the core members of the BOD about the Near Holding Vietnam project, acting as an exclusive media sponsor, bringing an extremely attractive project, promising to become an explosive trend in the future. community with an extremely transparent and intelligent mechanism.

Le Hong An - General Director of Asia Business Insider

Master Le Hong An's career

The journey to Asia Business Insider of this talented General Manager is a brave and impressive journey. He used to study at Tsinghua University (China) and then lived and worked in Southeast Asian countries.

 Training sessions at ITP Group

Living and working here for a while, he got used to and adapted to the business environment here, gradually he became interested in business, so he started his journey to become a real businessman  consume.

Master Le Hong An - Digital Marketing Trainer at BTP Holding

To be able to prove himself, he has done a lot of work from International Training Specialist in Digital Marketing to Managing many domestic and foreign real estate projects and also being a strategic advisor for many corporations. Large and prestigious group in the international market.

Master Le Hong An - Digital Marketing Trainer at ITP Group

In addition, as one of Canada's "Full Dream" fund managers, Marketing Manager of Phoenix Real Estate Development and Investment Joint Stock Company. He is also known as a Speaker at major universities.

Master Le Hong An - Training specialist

More specifically, he is the presentation representative for the international project Forest City in Singapore. Being the one who fuels affiliate marketing (Affiliate Marketing) to businesses from home to abroad such as ITP Group Vietnam, Forest City Project - Hong Kong, Long Beach Pearl……

Until Now, Master Le Hong is the General Director of Asia Business Insider Company - a unit specializing in providing communication, advertising, training and digital transformation services for businesses.

Asia Business Insider - a unit specializing in providing communication, advertising, training and digital transformation services for businesses.


And the handshake between Near Holding and Asia Business Insider with many years of experience in digital marketing, advertising, training and digital transformation for businesses is expected to bring changes and booms in the market. finance in Vietnam in 2022.

BOD committee about Near Holding Vietnam project

Good sayings and meanings of GM Le Hong An

“Money is like fallen leaves on the street. Good people can scan a lot, bad people can't find it"

“What a startup needs is not money, but knowledge and experience. You need to know what your size is, how much you need investors because each person will have their own weapon”

“The life motto associated with career and daily life is 3 words. N: Forbearance, Forbearance, and Giving”

“If you want to start a business, stay committed, stay passionate and take calculated risks”

“The responsibility of a leader is much greater than that of a leader. more than the power you have”

“Learn to be happy with what you have while you are pursuing all the things you dream of”


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